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Workplace Health and Safety Professional Services
Vancouver, BC


Our team of seasoned experts provides a full range of OHS consulting services to employers, primes, HSA's, unions and other organizations. We address the unique challenges and goals of each client, and provide customized solutions for achieving ongoing success

in health and safety and injury management. 

Our Services

Reviewing the Laws


We advise workplace clients from owners, employers and supervisors to health and safety organizations, on how to achieve compliance with health and safety requirements.


Doctor's Appointment

Injury Management


Through helping to implement an effective injury management program and lower injury rate durations, we can assist with reducing insurance premiums for workplace claims.. 

Injury Management

Construction Site Managers

Safety Management
Special Projects

We conduct investigations of workplace accidents, including serious incidents.

 We design safety programs and assist with special projects such as achieving COR status, responding to proposed regulation review and addressing OHS emerging issues.

Safety Investigations Safety Programs

Covid 19

Occupational Exposures

We provide services to assess and control exposures to workplace environmental hazards to prevent work-related diseases and adverse health conditions.

Occupational Exposures

Giving a Presentation


We provide training in health and safety topics designed specifically for your workers' needs, and unique to your workplace and industry.


Team Meeting

The Team

Our professional team includes legal, health and safety, hygiene, injury management & training specialists that can help you achieve excellence in health and safety at your workplaces

The Team

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Harwood Safety Group does not offer services on
individual worker injury claims.

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