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The Role of the Prime Contractor

Since its inception in 2014, this course has been popular with owners and primes, and their PM's and Supervisors. It covers both the legal and practical requirements of the prime on a multi-employer worksite, and the systems to have in place to meet the test of due diligence. Invaluable for primes, big and small alike, in any industry.


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CCA Gold Seal Certified Course

CCA Gold Seal Certified Course

Supervising for Safety

This comprehensive workshop covers the practical and regulatory elements of being an effective supervisor in construction and other industries. The training offers insights into modern approaches to safety leadership, tackling common workplace challenges and ensuring compliance with supervisor duties. Lead by a safety professional with over 15 years in leading supervisor training, Supervising for Safety is invaluable for both supervisors new to this role and those experienced with supervising  on complex projects.  

Conducting Incident Investigations

This hands-on training engages participants in the how to's of conducting incident investigations. Helpful tips and strategies are discussed including: conducting effective interviews, writing compliant employer incident investigation reports, and meeting regulatory reporting requirements while protecting your legal interests.

Doing "Safety Differently"

Explore progressive and proven ways to implement "out of the box" practices inspired by Safety II approaches to optimize safety performance throughout your organization.

Conducting Sensitive Investigations

The unique challenges presented by bullying and harassment complaints, workplace discrimination, and unsafe work refusals are addressed in this course through discussion of real-life examples and proven investigation techniques.

Custom Courses

Training in health and safety topics designed specifically for your workers' needs, and unique to your workplace and industry.

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